About us

The adMinister Hungary Kft. is a Hungarian-owned company, founded in 2005.

Our company performs diverse administrative tasks, which cover the full spectrum of financial and accounting services. Thanks to the professional commitment of the founders and 15-person team, and to the precise internal control and monitoring, the adMinister Hungary Kft. produces continuous stable growth year after year.

We, at adMinister Kft. believe that with a professionally constantly evolving, bilingual, dedicated team we are able to fully serve our clients’ needs, and to provide them with a stable background in spite of the permanently changing economic environment. We are interpreting the financial and accounting services in a comprehensive and strategic way, what means flexible and proactive approaching to the tasks. Thanks to our special method, the financial and accounting services as a critical business area can become a predictable, reliable background for our Clients.

We are proud that over 180 of our Clients had become our partners through recommendations, and we still provide them stable financial and accounting services.

Our employees are professionals with many years of experience in finance and accounting, and without exception are experts in one particular special area. This is the reason we are able to provide our clients with reliable quality and continuous, balanced service at any administrative field.


Ingrid Vass, CEO

She is the majority owner and general manager of adMinister Hungary Kft.; got a specialist legal degree in economics, she is a tax expert, registered accountant and the „main engine” of the enterprise.

She started her career at one of the Big Four (Deloitte & Touche), then changed for the corporate sector, where she controlled the economic management of a leading BTL agency, and a financial group later. She has solid experience in the field of accounting, tax and preparation of international reports and financial statements.

Ingrid considers important in her work the comprehensive understanding of the company’s operation or environment, and the development of the most appropriate auditing, bookkeeping, payroll accounting, reporting, transfer pricing documentation and financial strategy.

With her dynamic personality, rational thinking she quickly has a good grip of every process, but also is aware that another important key of the company’s success is the expertise and dedication of people working there. As a company manager she combines in everyday life determination with openness and empathy, so that she can successfully motivate, guide the adMinister-team.


Our clients operate in all economic sectors: health, construction industry, IT, telecommunications, trade, research and development, transport, consulting, sports. Among other things, this extensive experience makes it possible for us to carry out the interpretation and processing of the wide variety of complex transactions for our customers with great practice. We are particularly proud of the fact, that nearly one-third of our partners are with foreign capital!

„We are very old clients of adMinister, and we do not want to give up in the future the precision, predictability and professionalism we are used to.”

„Ingrid’s team works anticipating the events. They are working on a current task even before it would come to our mind. They are saving us a great deal of energy, time, and in addition they are always cheerful!”

„The adMinister is responsible for the whole accountancy of our group of companies for 5 years now and we give them more and more tasks. We know that the quality of their work is stable, they respond quickly, there are no unnecessary loops. I wish everybody had such a service provider!”

„I like it, when somebody does not just routinely acts but also thinks and really looks for the optimal solution and finds it. It’s unbelievable how much smoother our administrative processes are going since we cooperate with adMinister!”